What is Bankrolldisposer?

An Android-App and a tool to manage your total poker bankroll at your disposal for playing poker.


  1. Overview of multiple poker funds and currencies
  2. Calculate the highest buyins for STT and MTT and limits for cash games to protect from going broke
  3. Statistics from your previous months with transactions, profits ans losses

Is my data sent to somewhere?

No! Your data is stored locally on your phone/tablet storage and is not transmitted to anywhere. Therefor information like balances, transactions, profits or losses will not be visible by anybody but you.

How much does it cost?

If you don´t want to use all the features you can use it for free. Otherwise you need to pay a one time fee of a few dollars ( about 3$).

Features are listed here.

How does it work?

The central mask is the starting screen:

  • Poker Room/E-Wallet

Select the room or e-wallet to load it´s balance.

  • Balance

If you click on the refresh button to the right, current last balance of the Poker-Room/E-Wallet is reloaded. You can add a new balance by clicking on the textbox and change its currency with the dropdown beside it and then click on the add icon.Balance is stored with current time.

  • Risk-Appetite:

very high/high: for a higher risk of going broke and higher probabilty of stepping down

intermediate: recommended for normal poker player

low/very low: for players/pros who are very serious about their bankroll

These values are being calculated from the “minimum number of buyins” which you can be changed in settings in full version if you like.

  • Number of tables

If you are a multi-table player select the number of tables. It will influence the limit/max buyin to play.

  • Currency Buyin

Select the currency you are actually playing with.



max-Buyin: The highest buyin you should play
SB/BB: shows exact limits (small/big blind) if configured in settings

STT (Single Table Tournament):

for single tables only like Sit&Gos, Spins or Double or Nothing

MTT (Multi Table Tournament):

for a multitable tournemts like re-entry/rebuy/shootouts

Does it support (cash game) sessions?

No, this features is not supported yet.