A balance shows the current money available in a poker room for a cash out.

Adding new balance in 2 ways

1. From the main screen

  1. Click on the textbox beside balance
  2. Select the poker room or (e-)wallt where you want to store new balance
  3. Change the value with the numpad (. is comma).
  4. Select the currency of your account (if not already selected)
  5. Click on add-symbol : A balance with current date/time and poker room is added
  6. If you want to reload currently stored balance press revert

2. From the cashier

  1. Go to cashier
  2. Select transaction type Balance
  3. Select the account type poker room or (e-)wallet
  4. Select the Account
  5. Set the amount of your poker room´s/(e-)wallet´s balance and its currency
  6. Set the date/time by clicking or leave it for current time
  7. If you want to change select first date and click ok, then select the time and click ok
  8. Press the ok-button to save