Want to know about 3 existing types of accounts click here

Adding new account

  1. Go to Settings in Menu
  2. Click “Edit Accounts
  3. Select Account Type Poker Room (or cash/account or payment method)
  4. Click on red plus icon
  5. Write name and data and press green ok button
    • Account Name: Unique name for your poker room or live casino
    • Currency: Currency of your accounts balance
    • Change Icon: 
      • Download an icon in internet (e.g. “my poker room icon” svg) to Downloads or anywhere else
      • Click on Add-Button
      • Select Icon in e.g. Downloads
    • Active (View Account): You currently playing in this room so its visible anywhere in bankrolldisposer (otherwise its not).
    • Money available for cashout: Uncheck it if you are e.g. playing with a free cash which can´t be cashed out right away.